Walking in Torridon

The Torridon area offers some truly outstanding walking and climbing for the adventurous traveller. With Beinn Alligin, Liathach, Beinn Damph, Beinn Eighe on the door step, to Loch Maree and the last great wilderness of Letterewe and Slioch, you will be spoilt for choice trying to choose which one to do first! If you don’t fancy climbing a munro or a corbett, you can always opt for one of the beautiful coastal walks in this special area of the Scottish Highlands.

Torridon walks have been split into 3 categories:

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Safety in the Torridon Mountains

While we want everyone to enjoy the beautiful scenery that Torridon has to offer, accidents do happen, so here are a few things you should do before you go out into the hills.

Check the weather forecast before you leave.  Consult both TV and local radio (Two Lochs Radio covers the Torridon area 106 &106.6 FM), newspapers or even the local pub, as many will provide walkers with a 3 or 5 day forecast.

If the weather looks bad or starts to deteriorate consider changing your plans for the day.

Make sure someone knows your plan for the day and how long you think you will be out. Complete the Going to the Hills Form, provided by the police and leave a copy with someone if possible or in your car .

Plan for all weathers – the weather in the hills can change very quickly, so while it may be mild at the beginning of the walk, by the time you get to the top of your challenge for the day, the conditions could have completely changed to wet, windy and misty.  So be prepared. Make sure you take the following in your rucksack, whatever the weather:

  • Map and Compass – these are an absolute must.  You should not venture out into the hills without them, no matter how easy you think your route is.  OS maps with a scale of 1:50,000 or 1:25,000 are recommended.  And make sure you know how to use them.  A GPS is also good, but don’t go out relying on this alone, as your batteries could run out, it could malfunction or you drop it. Always, always take a map and compass.
  • First Aid Kit, whistle, torch and emergency blanket – you never know if you are going to be caught out on the hill so always be prepared.  If you need to raise the alarm, the recognized emergency signal is six blasts on the whistle or six flashes with the torch. And take something bright to wear, so that you are easier to spot.
  • Clothing – be prepared for all weather. Waterproof and windproof jacket and trousers are essential. Gloves, hat, snood, and an extra fleece are all recommended.  And don’t forget a spare pair of warm socks, just in case you get caught out having to cross a burn in spate.
  • Boots – make sure you have a good pair of supportive waterproof boots, with good grip. Boots that support the ankle are highly recommended to help to prevent twists and sprains.
  • Food – along with your sandwiches, include high energy foods.  So include items such as energy bars, nuts, dried fruit, chocolate and take extra, just in case your walk takes you longer than you anticipated.  Water is essential, but also, nothing beats a nice warm cup of tea on top of a cold wet hill!