Whale watching & sea tours around Torridon

Warmed by the gulf stream, the Minch (known as Skotlandsfjörð in Old Norse), is an absolute gem of a hot spot for sightings for whales, dolphins and a myriad of sea birds. Separating the northern Inner Hebrides and the north-west Highlands, these deep nutrient rich waters, with their powerful currents, teem with marine life, and are one of the most popular feeding and social areas in the UK for cetaceans.

Bottle nosed dolphin leaping out of the water near torridon scottish highlands

Bottle nosed dolphin

Minke Whale

Minke whales, Bottled Nosed dolphins, Rissos Dolphins, harbor porpoise and basking sharks are all sighted regularly, and if you are really lucky you may even get a rare glimpse of the only resident pod of killer whales the UK currently has.

There are several wildlife tour operators offering trips out to the feeding grounds.  These are primarily based in Gairloch and Shieldaig.  Depending on where the action is currently happening, you could be taken out to the haunting Shiant Islands, Rona, north of the Isle of Skye or over the Burma bank, which rises in the middle of the Minch.

Jelly Fish in sea with seaweed

Jelly FIsh

spiny sea urchin

Sea Urchin

If you want to stay closer to shore there are some great trips on offer. Why not explore the sea bed and the creatures that inhabit the shores by gazing through one of the glass bottomed boats (the kids will love it!)

If you fancy something a bit more relaxing, scenic tours of beautiful Loch Shieldaig and Loch Torridon can be taken from Shieldaig village.

So why not come and have an unforgettable experience!


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